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Catastrophic injuries frequently result in long-term or lifetime permanent disfigurement, impairment or disability. These injuries can result from any kind of personal injury accident, though the most common accidents that result in such damage include auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, and truck accidents. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) or spinal injuries that result in paraplegia or quadriplegia are some of the most devastating examples of a catastrophic injury. TBI occurs when a person receives a sharp blow to the head that causes bruising and swelling of the brain. Some symptoms of a TBI include headaches, memory loss, difficulties in concentration, cognitive deficiencies, and a reduced mental capacity. More serious symptoms can result in a person being in a vegetative state, which is why TBI is often considered a catastrophic injury. Serious spinal cord damage can cause paralysis, which is why it falls under the same category.

Due to their serious nature, catastrophic injuries often require a lifetime of ongoing medical treatment and personal care, especially if the accident victim is disabled and in need of permanent personal assistance. These types of injuries can be devastating to a family and many times result in the need for 24 hour care and assistance of the victim by family members and hired professionals. At Farohideh Law Group, our personal injury attorneys have valued experience handling claims involving catastrophic injuries and helping victims and their family adjusts to the dramatic life changes following catastrophic injury. As in all cases, our goal is to provide you the best opportunity, whether through negotiating a settlement with an insurance company or from a jury at trial, to be heard and allow the insurance company or jury to genuinely appreciate the effect a catastrophic injury has had on you and your family.

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